About Us


Who we are

 Al Raed Jet Master is the market leader of Egypt -founded in 1999 -  in the field of sewage wastewater treatment using the E-AOP technology with smart compact units, also we have previous works in the field of industrial wastewater treatment, establishing purifying drinking water units and renewable enegy systems.Our compact units are operated under an environmentally friendly chemicals way approved by World Health Organization. The units are applied on more than 400 different sites (residential compounds, villages, overseas ships, river cruise and petroleum platforms...etc).Our compact units got approved from all Egyptian Governmental authorities.We manufacture the compact units in our factory which is built on a total area 3200 m2 with a highly qualified technical  staff in different specialization (designing ,producing, installation, startup and after sales-service ...etc).

Our mission

High quality water is a critical component of any developement ,so our goal is to improve the living conditions of less supported regions and in  the areas of decentralized sanitation,wastewater & solide waste disposale, so our products aren't just a smart solution but also a complete set of integrated studies which are unified together according to request.

 Decentralized solutions for sustainable sanitation




Al Raed Jet master has got a ward of kingdom of saudia Arabia for environmental Management 





Our History